Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

With the continuous use of mobile phones and messaging apps, most people are connected as they communicate and transact with businesses. Even employees from different industries use mobile applications to contact their clients.

The public sector and the financial industry are among the sectors requiring text message monitoring and mobile archiving solutions. Several laws require businesses to monitor text messages and voice calls. 

Regulated sectors need to retain their business communications and comply with legal discovery obligations as they navigate how to archive text messages and voice calls. Companies in non-regulated industries can also use archiving solutions to monitor business communication and interactions.

Even if most people worldwide use smartphones to stay connected, the similarities generally end with the fact that they use phones. It is because users mainly either have Android or iOS devices. Apple’s iOS phones take their users’ data privacy seriously, while Android phones generally allow third parties to access their users’ data. 

With that, firms using third-party mobile archiving solutions can easily record text messages and voice calls when Android phones are used instead of iOS devices. 

Companies in different industries also have other policies regarding mobile phone usage. In non-regulated industries, Bring Your Own Devices, or BYOD policies are common. Meanwhile, in heavily-regulated industries, employees tend to use phones issued by the company. Some firms allow BYOD phones while also giving corporate phones to employees for business-related communication.

When it comes to archiving solutions, firms need to consider the device used, how large the business is, and the budget for monitoring messages in compliance with regulatory guidelines. 

There is no universal solution for mobile archiving since the different mobile archiving options have various advantages and disadvantages affected by the complexities of mobile archiving. Firms can select from Over-the-Top Applications, a mobile archiving agent, In-Network Capture, and a Chat Application Capture solution.

For more details about the pitfalls of mobile archiving, here is an infographic from TeleMessage.

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