Ruger Vaquero Holsters: Elegant Safeguards For Cowboy Guns

Leather gun holsters

The Ruger vaquero is a single-shot revolver with six shots popularly used in cowboy shooting sports. It has risen to a prominent position with its classic appealing elegance. It is not only used for target shooting but also for aesthetic purposes. The ruger vaquero holsters are much-needed handgun holders for such guns that resonate and meet their beauty and strength. 


  • Nowadays, these holsters are the best fit for small-sized guns.
  • Holsters are aesthetically handcrafted to complement the beauty of pistols.
  • The visually captivating holster is available in various patterns to command its aesthetic presence.
  • It is in demand for target shooting, cowboy shooting sporting, and aesthetic appeal.


  • The Ruger vaquero was designed and introduced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. in 1993. Sturm well known as Ruger across the world is a leading producer of guns in the US.
  • The company has produced over twenty million firearms for both sporting and legal enforcement purposes.
  • The single-shot revolver surfaced to demand from Cowboy action shooting. In 2005, Ruger brought in the reduced version called “New Vaquero”…


Broadly, ruger vaquero holsters are categorized into four groups.

  • Obligation holster: As the name says, it is worn as a commitment by highly responsible officials such as army men, harmony officials, security workers, etc. 
  • Strategic holster: It is worn to tackle deliberate situations by safety, and supervisory oversight authorization instructors.
  • Camouflage holster: Holster worn by harmonious officers who are dressed up as citizens.
  • Brandishing holster: Holster worn for other purposes like sports and target shooting.

What factors to consider for purchase?

  • Excellent Design: The gun holder should be light-weighted. The easy-to-clean fabric should ensure comfort with no fear of causing rips. The cover should be hard-wearing with a long-lasting luster. 
  • Protection: The rifle should be taken off rapidly without any delay. A few inches gap between the cover and the body will avoid the risk of accidental discharge. Also, it causes 0 irritation even if we carry this the whole day.
  • Paddle attachment: It should support omnidirectional rotation with smooth backs for simple slipping into the belt.
  • Style: Who doesn’t want to look attractive? The elegance of the traditional western-style holster tells a lot about the owner. The good-looking ruger vaquero needs a holster to suit its beauty.

How to take care of the holsters?

  1. Regular cleaning

    Long-term exposure to sweat & dirt may cause it to lose its luster and appeal. A soft cloth is sufficient. In some cases, specialist products like glycerin products or leather-care lotions are the sure cure.

2. Avoid excess-softening 

Using too many lotions and other softeners over a long time will cause the fabric to weaken its structure and lose its form.

3. Careful Drying

Leather should always be distanced from moisture as it would decompose it. Abstain from using blowers, dryers, or any other artificial form of heat. 

Place the gun cover in a natural warm place with mild temperature and ensure it is always parched. Ruger vaquero holsters are like a dress on a body. The careful selection will ensure long-term benefits.

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