SEO, PPC, and other TLAS

Online marketing is based on many TLAs or three-letter abbreviations, some of which determine its success, while others define its goals. SEO ( search engine optimization ) and PPC(pay-per-click), however, are two TLAs that streamline the course of an online marketing strategy and lead it to its goals.

After you have taken the first step into the online world with a website, SEO and PPC help you take the next step of reaching an interested audience. 

Search engines are one of the channels that bring the target audience to a website. But do all websites that make it to the search engine results enjoy increased traffic? Unfortunately, no. The websites that see an increase in interested visitors are those that manage to appear on the first two or three pages of Google search results.

SEO and PPC are two ways through which a website can appear among the top results.

SEO online marketing techniques involve fine-tuning your website so that it can rank organically. However, SEO takes some time to yield results. After you invest in a good SEO service, you may see your website’s rank escalating within four to six months. 

PPC, however, is a different story. When a business needs to get to the top immediately, it invests in a pay-per-click or PPC campaign. PPC is a paid form of online marketingthat can put your website on the top as an ad and the website owner only pays for this ad when someone clicks on the website’s listing. 

PPC campaigns and SEO strategies are built around relevant search phrases. AMS, or average monthly searches, gives a rundown of how many people are searching for given terms per month and helps marketers shape their PPC or SEO strategies around the most used keywords.

A good understanding of SEO, PPC, and other TLAs of online marketing is crucial if you want to succeed in the virtual world.

Landau consulting, an online marketing company in NJ, offering support in the development of SEO online marketing strategy, has created this infographic to further explain the importance of SEO, PPC, and other TLAs in the world of online marketing.