How To Have A Successful Wedding Rehearsal

The important thing about this session is that you feel comfortable during this session, that you can exchange glances and even short love phrases for getting in the mood, and, for that record to be flawless, here are some golden tips.

1. Don’t Be Ashamed

Pre-wedding is known to be the moment where the couple can be more relaxed. Even if you are engaged in a more classic style, try not to be ashamed to show the more playful and romantic side; this is the perfect time to relive your courtship, for example!

Shyness on camera is expected but remember that photographers are used to dealing with couples. No one will judge you. You deserve to have an essay full of unique details, intimate looks so that the images can reflect precisely how they feel about each other.

2. Let The Pets Participate

If you have any pets, don’t think twice about including them in the pre-wedding rehearsal! Although the location chosen resembles a simple and elegant wedding decoration, indoors, try to make room for your pet to be there, it is a special reminder of the couple’s life, and a pet that is already part of the life of the two deserves to be on the album. You will not regret it, and the photos can be pretty fun, showing the intimacy they share.

3. Be Natural In Production

Naturalness is one of the important points in the pre-wedding session, but a little bit of production doesn’t hurt anyone. Choose clothes that dialogue with the environment and the theme chosen for the clicks and make the most of the elements you want to highlight. Even the photos of the wedding hairstyle that you made a point of debuting in the rehearsal may help you think about the production of the big day, so take the opportunity to rock this production with accessories, beautiful makeup; all of this will be a preview of what will come in the day C. As a photographer, always try to edit your pictures like in, it is necessary.

4. Be Open To Photographers’ Ideas

Even if you have prepared a script and have given your inspiring suggestions to the photography team, keep in mind that these professionals have experience and can also help you a lot with ideas and techniques that, for sure, will surprise you. Be it a different angle, lighting, or filter, at least be open to test their proposals.

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