How Has the Internet Changed Human Lives in the Last Few Decades?

Even in the early 1990s, the Internet was not playing a major role in the lives of human beings. They were using the Internet only to send emails or chat with others. These emails and chats are very much there today also but a lot of things have changed to an extent where the use of the Internet is crashing servers in many places. Whether it is dial-up Internet connection or paid browsers, the Internet has become part of our life. The following changes are remarkable in our lives due to the influence of the Internet.

1. The Internet has made us impatient and we have come to expect everything immediately. Statistics show that people used to wait for a website to load within four to five seconds two decades ago but they are not prepared to wait for more than two seconds for the loading of a website. This has made it very difficult for online marketers to design their websites. Further, the same impatience continues in our normal lives and we are not able to wait in queues anymore but look for instant solutions.

2. The enormous popularity of Facebook has changed people and most of them have become double-faced. They use their normal face in day-to-day lives but demonstrate a completely different face in social media websites.

3. People upload all types of pictures and videos on the Internet, even the most private ones, without even thinking about the consequences. This has resulted in an increase in violent crimes and blackmailing of innocent victims.

4. The Internet has made people quite lazy. We need not go out but spend several hours in front of the computer to get the latest news or chat with friends and relatives on the Internet. We make advance reservations through the Internet to avoid delays in restaurants and cinema theaters.

5. We do not want to pay for music that we hear and we browse for free music. It starts with free music but within a short time, we find ways to access everything free. We become illegal pirates and we break into websites to get what we want. The Internet has made most of us as thieves.

6. We spend most of our time in front of the personal computer and we forget that we have other family members who wish to spend time with us. When they ask us something, we do not even recognize the question until they repeat it a few times. The Internet has spoiled relationships and friendships in personal lives.

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