Why SEO will Take Top Priority for Construction Businesses

With most people doing business online rather than in person this Covid pandemic, construction firms are putting their money on enhancing their digital presence as part of their pivot towards digitization. This shift is very timely as economists say without hesitation that Australia is currently experiencing a construction and housing boom. According to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, over $360 billion in revenue is generated by Australia’s construction industry, producing 9 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But staying in the black amid the pandemic can also be a challenge, especially for construction companies that have not adapted to the digital economy. 

The next economic revolution is happening now and it is nicknamed the “Industrial Revolution 2.0” where technology and the internet will be at the cornerstone of every industry today and in the future. Those who fail to adapt run the risk of being left behind in a fast-changing world. Luckily, businesses in Australia can easily find IT and digital marketing firms offering ways to adapt to the next normal with tools like cloud computing, digital migration, and search engine optimization or SEO in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and other key cities all over the country. 

SEO in particular, is something that must be given particular consideration, as construction firms tend to be laggards in the digital space. While there are construction firms who setup websites and social media pages, a lot of other construction companies tend to rely more on word of mouth marketing or from client referrals. The need for digital presence during pre-pandemic times may actually not have been such a priority. However, social norms have been flipped on its back, as the pandemic ushered in a time of empty streets, shuttered pubs, and vacant public venues.

With everything going virtual, the need for a company to establish itself online has now become a priority. People are spending more time online and that means an opportunity to anchor on SEO for “construction industryrelated” searches. Matched with great content, SEO can increase foot traffic in a construction firm’s website via web search engines like Google. This can translate into getting new leads, acquiring new clients, and at best, strengthening one’s foothold in the digital space against competitors. 

To stay relevant to customers today, SEO is no longer just an option to any marketing plan. Especially for construction firms, while things are still in the green, it is but essential to start making digital presence the first business matter to be accomplished this year.