VoIP Technology – Helping Businesses Maximize Their Potential

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) is a breakthrough in communication technology that has been adopted quite extensively by individuals and businesses from around the world. It allows users to enjoy voice and video communications through internet connections.

Voice and video calling facility from computer to computer is free, and calling from computers to phones is quite cheap. Some providers also offer a free trial period for their customers. Long distance and international calling facility with VoIP technology, is considerably cheaper when compared to regular STD or ISD rates. Businesses have been able to cut down on their calling costs with the help of this technology.


Nowadays, most of the communication takes place through data networks, which is internet. In the past, PSTN (public services telephone network) was being used for voice communication. Such telephone networks were connected through copper wires or optical fibers. The VoIP technology uses the internet networks for sending and receiving data.

Voice over IP networks are established with the help of IP (Internet Protocol). The telephonic conversation is converted to binary data, which is transferred to the destination. Then it is converted again into voice at the destination point, and the receiver will be able to hear it. All this take places in not more than few seconds.

Well, there are some of the common issues that people face with VoIP technology.Sometimes, VoIP may come up with issues like low voice quality, problem with faxing, networking and connection issues etc. For troubleshooting such communication quality problems, you can setup the QoS (quality of service for your device).

You could also fix the network related issues if any, to establish qualitative communication. Check the cables, modems and signals for troubleshooting issues related to internet connection. Also check for networking problems like jitter and latency. Echoing of voice, bad audio, and buzzing issues can easily be resolved by setting up the QoS.

VoIP technology is used for all sorts of communications, which include personal and business purposes. For voice communications, the importance of hard wired devices like cables, equipment, and network cannot be ignored. However, the soft technologies like VoIP software also play an important role in the quality of voice communications over the net. All types of communications using VoIP telephony are reliable and secure.

The VoIP technology has already made its presence felt in businesses worldwide. The problem with traditional telephone technology was that the communication was carried out by using copper wires. Additionally, the initial setup cost was high, and it took more time for the setup. On the other hand, the VoIP technology uses the already established internet data communication network. It does not require any additional hardware for initial setup.