Tips to increase your website’s organic traffic

To get your website to appear in maximum searchers, you need to generate traffic to your website. Organic searches account for the majority of all web traffic and a high percentage of revenue. It is one of the reasons for search marketing teams to generate higher search traffic. 

Once your site is ranked on page one of the search results, you are going to see an increase in organic traffic. The higher you appear, the higher will be the traffic. This could be achieved if you buy SEO links. Here are some tips to help you increase the organic traffic of your website and prevent you from falling behind your competitors.

Identifying Non-Performing Content

Non-performing content is those contents which fail a site from achieving its objectives of marketing. These objectives include low organic traffic or conversions or successful referrals from other websites. Non-performing content does not do any good for your website. Instead, they bloc out any search traffic chances which your website might have got otherwise. 

Another important part of such content is that they take up the majority of the crawl budget. There are only a certain number of pages that search engine crawls before showing up the results. If most of your content is non-performing, then the search engines will not find any effective content in the first few pages and move on with actually getting the good content.

It is important to identify the non-performing content and eliminating them so that the search engines get some of the most important pages and posts of your websites while they are crawling them. This will put in a higher rank in SERPs and also increases the chances of getting more organic clicks. 

Optimizing higher CTR

To get visitors to your website, your page needs to have a higher rank so that that they appear on page one of the search results. But this is not the end of organic search traffic, you have to get searchers to click on the link of your website instead of your competitor’s website. You can do so by optimizing for click-through rate (CTR).

Through CTR, you will be able to move away from the searchers from your competitor’s site to yours which will result in increased organic traffic. When you start getting a lot of searchers, more search engines will show up on your site as it shows positive feedback. One way of prioritizing search results by Google is through high CTR. You could otherwise buy SEO links.


In this highly competitive world, it is important to be at the top to get noticed or searchers. These tips will certainly help you to be at the top of searches and this could also be achieved if you buy SEO links.

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