Tips for Delivering a Positive Employee Experience

Approximately 94% of all talent professionals believe that employee experience, commonly called just EX, is crucial to the future of HR and recruiting. Also, 77% agree that they are growing more and more focused on it as a way to increase retention.  

It’s important for all businesses to focus on the importance of the EX. After all, it is the employee that is in charge and by ensuring they have a good experience with a company, it is possible to keep them happy and on-board as long as possible. Some tips for improving and building a great EX can be found here.

Improve Benefits and Compensation

When asked about the parts of the EX that need to be fixed, the top answer among most was benefits and compensation. This is an area of great opportunity.

While pay isn’t the only factor that impacts EX, the importance of it isn’t something that should be understated. If workers don’t feel as though they are being paid fairly for the job the do, satisfaction levels will fall, and they may begin to look for a different job. This doesn’t mean raising salaries over the market average, but engaging in pay transparency is one strategy that can be effective according to industry expert Eyal Gutentag.

Simplify the Administrative Processes

Today, employees are able to do virtually anything online. They don’t want to have to spend time navigating difficult systems or jumping through hoops to access the basic HR functions, such as requesting sick leave. The fact is, they should not have to do this, either.

When it comes to ensuring you provide a good employee experience, there are more than a few factors that must be considered. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to achieve the highest EX possible and to keep employees and satisfied.