A firewall can simply be understood as a shield made up of algorithms that prevent or denies access to unauthorized from private networks. This affects the enhancement of the device’s security while it is connected to an internet network, or a LAN [local area network]. It works by monitoring the traffic and identifying those traffics that should be blocked. The exchange of data between a server and a device requires monitoring. The firewall does that for you by determining if it qualifies to the rules set. Ranging from the very basic personal computers to larger corporation a very firewall is a non-negotiable tool that protects the devices against threats.

What are the different types of firewalls?

Firewalls come in two basic forms:

  1. Client-based firewalls: This is a software that is already residing in a particular device and functions by monitoring the inbound traffic on the same. One of the examples of this kind of firewall is the network firewall
  2. Appliance based firewalls: unlike client-based firewalls, these are hardware devices. They are connected between the computer and the internet connection. These prove to be handier in a situation that has a number of devices sharing the same internet connection.

Most of the devices, especially computers generally come with an in-built firewall. However, it is recommended to install a more dedicated firewall for a sensitive kind of work.

A dedicated firewall service that will enhance the security of your device

A network firewall is a software that protects the computer from internet threats. It has special privileges for the user of its premium version. Also, if you are on the lookout for a virtual server platform. Cloud Thailand is the recommended choice. It works well with the network firewall software developed by the same company called, kirz. Kirz is a Thai based company and has many other services for its customers. To know more visit their website.

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