Internet, The largest Form of telecommunication

Telecommunication is referred to as a source of sharing information in a network such as LAN MAN or WAN through electronic means. It has a receiver and a sender. Internet is the largest form of telecommunication and is used for communication worldwide over the World Wide Web (WWW). To make the communication through the internet a bit easy and affordable many companies offer different net packages. You have to subscribe into a package based on some amount of money and then you will be provided with MBs/GBs based on the package type for a limited period such as Net package One-2-Call [เน็ต วันทูคอล, which is the term in Thai] is a very considerable package in Thai.

Internet package services

There are many services regarding internet packages. In these services, they promise the best internet speed and provide internet (MBs/GBs) for a time limit either a day or a month depending upon the package type. And in exchange for these services they cost you some money. Net package One-2-Call  provides you the same services with 1-day validity, 5 days validity or 10 days validity. And covers a vast variety of services that is it provides many different offers too.

Life without the Internet

The Internet has become a part of our lives. Every single person is using the internet daily. Consider that there is no internet packages in the world, internet use would become a way to expensive. But it’s okay because the internet is still there. Now consider is a scenario in which the world has no internet means overseas connection would become too difficult and time-consuming, we will get the updates of our surroundings very late and so on. In fact life would become very difficult.

In the present era, the world is full of technologies and internet facilities and still, people face Nomo phobia fear of losing their phones. Then just imagine that what the world would become without the internet.