Fiit Sticks The New Fiit Can Be Used With IQOS Lil SOLID Gadgets

When IQOS introduced the Lil Solid monolithic tobacco heating system, the device was much appreciated. The developers decided not to stop there and within a year, the company released a new pumped version, the Lil SOLID gadget. 

What is Lil SOLID gadget?

Lil SOLID gadget is a tobacco heating system that was developed and presented in collaboration with the IQOS brand with the same features. Lil SOLID gadgets also heat the tobacco to a temperature of 300-350 degrees Centigrade and do not set it to fire.

It makes vaping simple, easy, and convenient just like a world where nothing is superfluous with only the most important thing remaining. You will enjoy the taste of real tobacco but with no smoke and ash. 

Due to this, the tobacco in the sticks just emits tobacco aerosol and does not burn like regular cigarettes. However, there is more good news added to this. If Fiit is coming to IQOS, this means you can use Heets sticks with Lil Solid gadgets.

Buying Fiit Sticks in bulk

Check with, the most reliable online store for buying the latest Fiit sticks in bulk. They offer Fiit Sticks in various flavours including the classic tobacco and fruity flavours like Regular Deep, Spring, and Regular flavours. They also offer fruity flavours like Tropic, Viola, Crisp, Mix, Regular Sky, and Sparky.

The brand’s office is in Liverpool, UK. They ship the order from their office to different countries depending on the selected products and their availability. You can write to them or call them on the number provided on their website.

Lil in Europe

Although Fit was introduced by a Korean company, with the introduction of Lil gadgets in Europe, the production of the Fiit stick was moved to Italy. The three flavours of Fiits are manufactured in Bologna, and they actually share the same factory that produces Heets.

Fiit sticks are the same in size as regular Heets, with the same length and width. Therefore, they can be used with both IQOS and new Lil Solid gadgets.

Fiit Heat Sticks

Fiit Heat Sticks for IOQS are specifically associated to IQOS Lil Solid gadget. The good news is that these can be used in IQOS 3 MULTI and IQOS 3 DUO. 

There were only three flavors available in the Fiit series:

  • Regular: tastes like pure tobacco
  • Crisp: tastes of citrus, herbs, and menthol
  • Viola: a taste of berries and menthol

The packs of these sticks can be easily recognized by their signature blue colour. The entire range of IQOS and Lil Solid gadgets support all the sticks whether Heets or Fiit that are produced by Philip Morris. 

This has made vaping very convenient for IQOS users as now the tastes can be mixed with any IQOS device. 

Two new Fiit flavours

There are two new flavours introduced in Fiit sticks for those who prefer fresh fruit flavours:

  • Tropical: the taste of pineapple and menthol
  • Regular Sky: the taste of light tobacco

Buy Fiit Sticks in bulk from a reputed online retailer for the most authentic taste and feel like Heet sticks.

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