Yes, this headline comes as a shock when reading the news. You see luxury watches and jewellery on display at many pawnbrokers near me. People are pawning and selling possessions to make ends meet, whether in the rich or poor category.

Research showed today that you see low-income households pawning their items to pay for food and rent as the cost of living rises globally. According to the Social Market Foundation, pawn broking is an essential source in providing people with credit, as they have no other alternative.

Furthermore, the importance of pawnshops will grow as low-income people visit dealers more as the living costs rise. The SMF advises that the report is based on interviews with pawn broking customers and is supported by the National Pawnbrokers Association.

Yet, at the same time, as the pawn broking need grows, quite a few pawnshops are falling, halving in the last seven years. Still, this review is based on UK dealers only. However, it makes you think about when it will happen in Australia and other places.

According to the SMF, in the interviews done with UK pawn broking residents, the common reason for using a pawnshop is to get fast cash for their household essentials. These items include rent, food, or running low on money at month end.

Furthermore, the SMF also asked about the impact of pawnshop closures on customers. Many pawnshop users said it forces them to visit payday loans and doorstep lenders. These lenders ask a lot for loans, and you cannot provide them with collateral like the pawnshop.

You cannot sell gold jewellery or other valuables to payday loan lenders for fast cash to buy food or pay the rent? Therefore, for many residents, closing pawnshops will have a detrimental effect, especially if there is an emergency at the month-end.

Thus, as you can see, using pawnbrokers near me plays a vital role in people’s financial lives. Hence, when people need financial safety, many do not have access to credit cards, bank loans, or savings. As a result, if people have low incomes, the only alternative is to visit a pawnbroker.

However, it leads to devastation when they close, as they cannot take out loans with their credit score. Neither will they be able to sell valuable items like luxury watches, gold heirlooms, or designer gold jewellery, as no pawnbrokers are available.

Still, what does this mean for many in Australia? First, many people live in the country on a low income with difficult financial circumstances. Therefore, to ensure that the closure of pawnshops does not happen as in the UK.

It helps to visit a pawnbroker to not only take loans and sell gold but also to invest in the items they have available to sell. You may be surprised at the bargains you can find for high-end jewellery and other items sold at the pawnshop.

Investing your money at a local pawnbroker helps them to help you when the time comes that inflation hits home.  

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