5 Easiest Steps to Follow for Creating a Website Free of Cost

As the world is getting advanced, new doors are getting open to earn money and revamp the old strategies. The revolutionary invention of internet makes the world a global village. This is the reason, now almost every business can be found on internet. Website becomes the medium to connect with the targeted audience. To bring engagement, increase lead generation, or to enhance the brand value, you need to create a website.

Developing a digital business is not a hurdle anymore. With spending a minimal cost, you can easily build a website. Even now, in 2020, you can find many free web hosting sites with free domain or you can buy cheap domain. But as a beginner you may have a major concern to invest minimal cost on developing a website. But don’t know how to create website free of cost? Congratulations, fortunately there are ways that can enable you to create a website free of cost.

This blog comes up with the top steps that will enable you to develop a cost-free website. So let’s start.

1.   Choose The Website Building Platform

As the technology get advanced, website building platform comes to the existence to assist the needs of non-technical savvy. So you don’t need to have any technical knowledge for creating a website free of cost. The work of a website builder is to provide tools and assistance to create website without coding. But the versatility of free website builder doesn’t mean to opt for any of them. You need to evaluate your needs, and choose the best free website builder to create an appealing site.

So how to choose it? following are the best three platforms you can choose any of them depending on the features and needs.

  • Wix: To start a full-featured website you can choose WIX as your website builder. It provides over 500 high-end themes, free artificial design intelligence, and provides ADI features.
  • Ukit: This is also a well-known website builder that enables you to create a full flash website by providing wide range of widgets and tools.
  • WordPress: This is the most popular and SEO optimized website builder that helps you to create, and manage your website effectively.

2.   Obtain Free Domain

Without domain you cannot create a website free of cost. Generally, the domain cost anywhere between 2 dollars to 50 dollars depending on your name and TLD. Choosing a domain name is based on several impacts such as understandable, easy to remember, and concise. But to obtain a free domain, you need to search for the website builders like wix, that offers free domain to their users.

3.   Customize Your Site

Once you obtain the domain name, the third step is to setup and customize your site according to your needs. You need to first sign up to the selected website builder, and then select a free ready-made template. Access the dashboard, and find out the tools that can boost your site performance. Once you are done with customizing your site, you are ready to publish and make it visible.

4.   Get Free Hosting

Hosting is the need to make your site visible for your targeted audience. But most of the time hosting requires money depending upon your package and brandwidth. So how to get free hosting? Many hosting providers provide discounts that almost are equivalent to free. Such as hostbreak, that offers its basic package for almost 142 PKR per month.

Even, by getting free hosting trials you can easily create a website free of cost. These are the basic steps that allows you to get your site without spending any huge amount of money.