Nottingham Lakes – A Beautiful Home With Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t‍

Nottingham Lakes is a beautiful home in the heart of The Gold Coast, Queensland. It is a fully fenced hideaway with views to die for and plenty of space to relax. Located on over 10 acres, there is plenty of room for everyone! The owners have incorporated everything you need to make this the perfect spot for family, friends and anyone with an appetite for life. 

What You Can Expect From Living In Nottingham Lakes

The spacious layout of the home gives families, friends and couples the space they need to spread out and enjoy the surroundings. The layout of the home allows plenty of room for the kids to play with their toys while the grownups take it easy in the family room or Sitting Room. The open plan living areas make the perfect space to host get-togethers, as well as having plenty of room for the guests to spread out and mingle.

What You Will Not Find At Nottingham Lakes

Nottingham Lakes is not a spot for claustrophobia as it is only a 30min drive to the Gold Coast’s largest city, ‘The City. This means there is a lot of traffic and commutes. If you are looking for a spot that is ideal for unwinding and a quiet getaway, then this is the home for you. However, as with any home, it has its share of maintenance issues. One of the first things that you will notice about living in Nottingham Lakes is the number of insects!

How To Get To Nottingham Lakes

Nottingham Lakes is located on the Gold Coast Hinterland, which is why it is so easy to get to. From the city, it is an 8min drive or a 10 min flight. Alternatively, you can take the train to the edge of the city and then transfer onto the Tilt-A-Way train which will take you to the Lakes. 

From the train station, you will need to take the first bus to the Lakes. The route and timings of the buses can be found on the Tilt-A-Way website.

The Villas And Clubhouse

The Village: This is the heart of the home and acts as the nerve center for the family. It features a fully equipped kitchen, a lounge with a gas log fireplace and a covered balcony that looks out over the trees. The Village is also where the bedrooms are located. The Clubhouse: This is the hub of the home and acts as a meeting place for the whole family.

It’s Size: Mini Golf, Swimming Pool, BBQ Grill And So Much More

The size of the home is indicative of the space available. From the ground floor up, you will find the rooms are quite large. The first floor features the most spacious room which is the main lounge. From the lounge, you can see over the valley to the mountains and the swimming pool. The second biggest room is the kitchen and from here, you can see the backyard and the pool.

Very Private Home Or Large Family Haven?

Some might consider Nottingham Lakes to be a large family haven as there is plenty of room for everyone, but it is not intended as a small house. The size of the home is ideal for a large family but it can be quite large for a small family. The owners have created this space with plenty of room for everyone, including kids.